First Inheritance, part of Peoples Group, has a strong track record of being a relationship focused business.

The solutions we provide keep your clients’ best interests in mind. Our processes are efficient and we put the needs of your clients first.


At First Inheritance, we can help your clients have peace of mind by financing the cost to start the probate process, provide an advance on their inheritance, or cover the costs of a funeral. First Inheritance can finance loans up to $75,000, and there are no minimum payments required. Multiple beneficiaries are eligible, and the loan is paid back when the estate is settled. Let us help provide solutions for your clients in their time of need.


During this difficult time, some of your clients may be looking for assistance to finance funeral costs. First Inheritance can provide a loan for this purpose up to $25,000, and there are no monthly payments required. The loan is provided to the beneficiaries of an estate and is paid back when the estate is settled. Help ease the financial stress for your clients by referring them to First Inheritance. 


First Inheritance can help your clients finance the costs associated with estate planning. Your clients can obtain up to $75,000 to start the probate process or up to $25,000 to cover the costs of funeral expenses. We can grant a loan now, for an estate that may take months to settle. Clients can also apply for up to $75,000 to invest, pay off debts or make large purchases, based on an inheritance they will be receiving. These loans have no minimum monthly payments and are paid back when the estate is settled.


“You and your team were very compassionate, and made the process as painless as possible.”

~ Sheryl B.


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Donna Morrison, CEA
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Toll Free: 1-866-411-0664