Inheritance Advance – Money Now, Not Months Or Years Later

There are several legitimate reasons for wanting to get an advance on your inheritance.

Cover the cost of settling the estate 
Settling the estate of a loved one — known as the probate process — can be costly. Heirs might be responsible for paying legal fees, paying off the estate’s debts, maintaining the estate or overseeing repairs and funeral costs. An inheritance loan can help you cover these expenses without cashing out your own savings.

Negotiate real estate inheritance
Some people prefer to inherit real estate, while others just want the cash. You can take out an inheritance loan to buy the other heir’s share of the property if you wish.

Pay off personal debts
Your inheritance can help you pay off such debts as unpaid bills, high-interest credit cards or loans — debts that should be paid off as soon as possible to avoid being stuck in a long-term cycle of debt.

Cover day-to-day expenses
The probate process can take years, and you might just need the funds to help you get through a difficult financial time. In this case, taking out an inheritance loan can keep you afloat without turning to other forms of lending

Here’s how it works

STEP 1. Inheritance Advance Application

Simply fill out the application form attached and send it to First Inheritance. Within 24 hours, we will contact you to advise on the pre-approved loan amount and the next steps in the process.

STEP 2. Advance Approval

Once your Inheritance Advance has been fully approved, we will send you, the executor and the solicitor the documentation we need signed to provide you the loan proceeds. Simply sign and return the documents to us and within 48 hours of receipt, we’ll deposit the money into your bank account.

STEP 3. Loan Repayment

You don’t need to make a payment until the Inheritance is disbursed or after 1 year from the advance date. We are repaid the money we advanced to you as well as our fee directly from the estate trust account. Any money that is left over will be paid to you by the estate.

There’s no reason you should have to wait to enjoy the benefits of your inheritance. Click here to fill out the First Inheritance Advance application today.