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Building your Support Team

Whether it was sudden or expected, losing someone you love is hard. If you are also in charge of planning the funeral or handling the legal details, you…


An Easy Guide to Estate Paperwork after Losing a Loved One

Managing a loved one’s estate can be a significant responsibility. From locating the birth certificate to gaining access to the will, potentially rehoming a pet, closing bank accounts,…


Top 5 things to look for in a good Funeral Home

A funeral or memorial service can be a meaningful way to honour the wishes of a loved one who has passed. While dealing with loss is difficult, a…


Factors to consider when planning a Funeral

The decision-making for funeral arrangements usually happens within the first few days after death. Ideally, you and your family would have discussed funeral wishes ahead of time, but…


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We provide loans to the beneficiaries of estates, to help them cover probate fees, funeral costs, immediate needs for inheritance funds, and estate home improvement costs. Our professional team can help guide you through our comprehensive process.

Have you thought of everything? Additional Considerations when closing out a loved ones estate

Closing out an estate requires serious attention to detail and time commitment. Many essential details can be delegated to professionals and family members. Still, many tiny details can…


Executor’s primary responsibility – Communicating with beneficiaries

Add communicating regularly with beneficiaries to the endless list of things to do as the executor. They will each need a copy of the will and what assets…


What To Do After Someone Dies – Starting With The Funeral

It can feel daunting when an essential person in your life passes away, especially if you are responsible for handling their affairs. You might feel robbed of your…


What To Do Immediately After Someone Dies

Whether it was sudden or expected, losing someone you love is hard. And suppose you happen to be the person in charge of planning the funeral or handling…